We feel very fortunate and privileged to work with several schools in Gloucestershire. Our county has the full spectrum of educational facilities both in urban and rural areas. Having built up relationships over a number of years, we feel confident in our delivery for schools. This article will not only highlight how we have worked with schools in the past, but also why schools should be marketing themselves.

Increase Pupil Numbers

Depending on where you live in Gloucestershire, pupils will on average have the option of at least two schools to attend, maybe even three. This makes competition for places even hotter. With a slick marketing strategy aimed at prospective parents, your school can gain the edge and become effective when attracting new students.

Improve Reputation with the Community

Reputation can count for a great deal in schools. Working hard to build a strong reputation is important and marketing can play a key role. There is no reason schools should not market themselves in the same way a business does. Having a strategy to engage with local people, keep them up to date on performance and sending out key messages will strengthen reputation in the community.

Attract Quality Staff

Equally as important to having good pupil numbers, is having good quality staff. With strong pupil numbers and a fantastic reputation, why would anyone not want to further their career in teaching at your school?

How We Help?

Our capabilities are vast when it comes to working with schools, from creating engaging websites to on-point printed materials. We’ll pick out just some of the fundamentals for school marketing.


Like any business or organisation, does your website do you justice? Is it consistently branded with other collateral? Does it send out the right message? Is it up to date? These are just some things you could ask yourself. We’ll be able to correct any of the outstanding from the above, whether that’s a re-design of the existing website, or the creation of a new one. We’ll even help you put brand guidelines in too.

Printed Materials

We offer a wealth of printed materials which schools can use to communicate their message through.

Banners – when exhibiting or taking part in events or shows, having the best possible backdrop whilst you meet new people is an eye-catching way to draw people in.

Flyers – flyers and leaflets still very much have their place in communication, particularly with parents. Great to promote open evenings, events, Ofsted outcomes and current news.

Stationary – well designed and good quality stationary will go a long way. From professional letterheaded paper and business cards to compliment slips and envelopes, you’ll have everything you need to present your school beautifully and professionally. We can even offer branded mugs!

Newsletter – central to your plans will be a well written and professionally designed newsletter. This will help maintain relationships with parents and pupils and also communicate to the wider community for building reputation.

We’re always open to ideas here at Colour Connection, so if you would like to discuss anything you have read or want to meet up to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.