Is Your Website Secure and Doing What You Need It To Do? Well… it Should Be!

We are in the process of re-designing our own website, although we admit like many businesses, it took us time to prioritise!

If you’re not sure whether your existing website is working hard enough for you, get in touch with our Design team for a FREE audit and we will explain it all!

Also, as Google is always keen for a more secure internet experience, from October 2017 they have announced that websites without SSL certification would be labelled as ‘’insecure’’ on Chrome. This can really harm the credibility of your website!

Installing an SSL certificate effectively means you are securing your website and domain, protecting both your business and your website visitors. Google offer SEO benefits to websites that are secure, so can rank your website higher in search results for having a SSL certificate installed. Better ranking = more traffic!


Our advice is to:
  • Audit your website performance
  • Get SSL approved to secure your data
  • Keep your loyal website visitors secure and protected


We’ve got the skills, the experience – and the time! – to help you make any changes needed to your existing website, or design and build you a new website from scratch, even helping to writing the content! Plus, all of our websites now come fully HTTPS so you are safe and secure in the ever-evolving online generation we live in!


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