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Bill Gates once said “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. What does your first impression look like online?

There are so many considerations when looking at your website: colours, layout, where the menu goes, how many pages you need, if it works on mobile. Not to mention the cost and time investment needed to create content and promote your new website.

Don’t worry, we got you!

Get ready to build your website in 5 days!


Packages created just for you

The average user now spends around six hours each day online, which amounts to a collective 1billion years online in 2018 (source). Let’s face it, your business needs to be online but not every business needs a 300 page mammoth of a website. So we created packages just for you, whether you are a brand new business, looking for a refresh or a full corporate upgrade.

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Our Unique Process

Web designers and developers build websites. We go through a unique process of gathering information from you (and your customers) in order to craft an experience your customers will love.


Before coming up with a plan for world domination, we need to get to know you; what you stand for, what you do or sell and what makes you unique. To do this, we go on a journey of discovery to know thy self.

These are tailored to you and your business and is something our creative team has developed over the years where we go through a number of exercises that help us get under the surface of your business and hear the information first hand.

We put most of the techie stuff aside, ask you (and cheap real cialis sometimes your clients) a lot of questions, make a lot of notes and then report back with a market analysis and a plan (yes, for world domination).


This is where we get creative! using all of the insight and facts from the discovery stage or an agreed brief, we get to work.

The Colour Connection team spend time thrashing about ideas and putting together layouts and concepts.

We want to make sure we are producing designs that stand out, are representative of you and your business and that will grow your business. Once we’re happy we present these ideas for feedback and collaborate with others for a third eye-ball.

We like our clients to be part of the creative process.


Whatever we do, we do it with purpose. On time and on budget is always something we thrive for so all of our costs are known up front and the quality is nothing but 100%.

We have been brilliant for business since 1982 and work closely as a team. Where projects encompass other services like videos, photos, motion design or illustration, we seamlessly carry the project through from one stage to the next.

With a clear proposition, a new visual representation of you online and a set of deliverables which promise a positive return on your investment you can start to tell the world about your new home on the web.

Insights & Resources

We regularly share insights about things that grow our business, so that you can grow yours!

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The Colour Connection Guide To: Wall Graphics

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Why You Should Market Your School

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