Working with a variety of clients whether big or small, we pride ourselves on the work we deliver when it comes to branding as part of our Graphic and Web Design service. Our professional and friendly staff work closely with clients to ensure that their branding requirements are met. You may be wondering why branding is so important to your business? Read on below for our handy guide and you will soon realise just how vital it is to your business to ensure you have the right brand.

What is a brand?

A brand essentially is how you define the business to yourself and others, for example your customers or your staff. Your brand is the tagline to your business, the advertising message you wish to promote to the world. It’s your signage, logo and much more. In short, your brand is everything people see regarding your business.

Why is our brand so important?

Most importantly perhaps, is having a strong brand makes you instantly recognisable to the customer and stand out from your competitors. Furthermore, branding is an opportunity to demonstrate your business to appear professional and trustworthy, not only generic viagra 100mg externally but also to your employees. This will rapidly build credibility and reputation.

Is our brand not just our logo?

Whilst your logo is massively important it is just one part of your branding. Having the right logo is important, but it is also how and where you deliver that logo. Whether it be on your website, stationery, shop front or uniform, the delivery of the brand needs to appear seamlessly across all platforms to create the image of a polished and recognisable brand. Consistency is key.

How can Colour Connection help us with our brand?

Our team of expert and professional designers can assist at any stage with the branding process. Whether you require us to get creative to produce a brand-new design for your company or you require assistance with delivering the brand you have come up with yourself. With so many options we are confident that we at Colour Connection will have the bespoke solution you require.

If you need further information, please contact us and if you would like to see examples of some of the exciting projects we have been involved in please click here.