Every business strives to be the best they can be for their clients and/or customers. From start to finish. Developing great working relationships takes finesse and well thought out business ideas. No matter if you sell products or offer a service, you want your customers to be well satisfied. However, we often hear that working hard for your customers comes at the expense of working hard on your own business. You are working for your business, rather than working on your business. Take a look around your office or shop, does it represent you in the best way? Is there an opportunity to create a morale boosting environment for your team? Could you even deliver important messages about what you do? Let us tell you how wall graphics can transform your business space… whilst also having some fun!

What do we mean by Wall Graphics?

Of course, we mean graphics that can go on any wall or surface, designed to be seen. In all honesty, they can go on ceilings, furniture or any flat surface. Using these types of graphics in your organisation can benefit the business in multiple ways.


Consider your premises a blank canvass. You can create something amazing which is visual stimulating for staff and visitors. Beige walls make you feel beige. Use your business base as a place to inspire, empower or even as an addition sales tool. Stamp your creativity all over the place you are the most creative.


Have you ever Googled ‘Inside Google Offices’? Try it. You’ll see colour, excitement, an adults playground… but also gain insight in to one of the biggest businesses on the planet. Not only can you demonstrate to your staff that this is a great place to work but also an effective place to bring customers or clients. You care about the finer details, a motivated team brings productivity and productive working relationships brings happy customers. We’re not saying every business should be like Google, but create the environment to bring the best out of people. Wall graphics can get messages across without having to commit to long-term paint jobs.


Do your customers know everything about the products or services you offer? Have you ever had the conversation with a client where you say ‘’we could have helped you with that’’? Or said ‘’We sell those, we have a deal on too.’’? When clients come in to your premises, you can begin the sales process with the environment and what they will see. When someone enters, they can see what you do, how you do it or even examples of what you have done. People often buy from people because ‘’it feels right’’ and they want to be associated with you. Create the feeling.


As they can be used both inside and outside, they offer a lasting solution.


  • Inspirational quotes
  • Service lines
  • Product lines
  • Company timelines
  • Testimonials
  • Business logos
  • Landscapes


The Nitty Gritty

Wall graphics are traditionally self-adhesive printed on vinyl. Meaning they are flexible in terms of cut, colour, shape, size and are long lasting. The vinyl can be barely 2mm in thickness so considerations are needed for the installation, more on that later. As we live in the dynamically digital era, we’re able to create graphic designs from the comfort of our studio which can then be applied to giant spaces – and to everything below in terms of size. Our digital printers can speak to our computers to produce amazingly high-quality results.

To get the best results the surfaces need to be hard and smooth – but are not limited to solely to walls. We have produced graphics for:

  • Glass
  • Hard wood
  • Metal
  • Doors
  • Fibreglass
  • Plexiglass
  • Painted walls
  • Dry wall
  • Cement



As long as the surface is hard, flat, dry and clean buy levitra online your design will stay stuck until you need to remove it. That is another benefit over painting your walls, you can remove and reapply within minutes whereas painting requires a lot more man hours and resources. That’s before you even start painting your design!

Designing Your Wall Graphic

So, we’ve sold you on the ideal of what wall graphics can do for your business. What about the design itself? You might know exactly what you want but no idea where to start in terms of bringing that to life. Or, you want to do something but not sure on what kind of designs and again have no idea what to do to make it happen. You’re in the right place, that is where we come in and where we have built our reputation.

Our designers will discuss ideas with you. Starting at what the goals are which could be from any of the aforementioned reasons. If this meeting takes place at your premises, we can measure up, understand the space you have and be able to start visualising the magic they can create. This will of course take in to consideration things like; wall sockets, doors, windows, skirting, and any other obstructions which need to be accounted for.

Our designers then get to work on producing examples based on the dimensions taken. All proofs of artwork are emailed to clients for approval and to agree on the final design or designs. You can be involved as much as you see fit – we can provide the full designs from scratch or work with you to bring those ideas in your head to reality.

Once all of the above is agreed, we’ll get on to preparing the designs for printing.

Preparing the Surface

Ideally the walls or surfaces need to be checked at the start to determine that they are suitable. Then, we need to make sure they are:

  • As smooth as possible. Any indents or objects will show up through the vinyl. Small marks are not a problem. As the vinyl is 2mm think, any significant shapes underneath will be visible.
  • A clean surface will allow the adhesive to stick easily and stay stuck. Dirt can act as a barrier between the surface and the design – which is a no-no. Also, large bits of dirt etc can cause uneven sticking.
  • Applying to a wet or damp wall will hinder the process of sticking down the graphic as it’ll slide and potentially move. Wet walls could see the graphic bubble or peel.


This is the great thing about the wall graphics – they do not take days to apply. Installation can be within hours, causing little disruption to the business. The last thing you need is to clear everything out and have to bring it back again. Or even risk getting paint on products or furniture. Depending on the size, the application may need more than one person but on the whole this is quick and easy. A steady hand is required but once it’s done you can sit back and marvel at your creation.

In Conclusion

This is a process we have not just completed for clients… but our office is now adorned with the wall graphics of our in-house designers. Transforming a business space from a place to work in to a place to inspire is something to be proud of. It has a lasting effect too. Not just from comments but watch for the change in staff or in yourself. Working in tidy and colourful conditions can really breathe new life in to you and your business.

Why not get in touch to discuss this further? Our design studio have bags of creativity and, within reason, can produce huge results from small ideas.