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In The End Care – Case Study     


The subject of death can be challenging, especially to those affected. In The End Care are an organisation who provide specialised end of life care training to voluntary, charitable and social care professionals. They devised an idea to create The Circle of Life Board Game to aid their development in new training resources. This would make learning fun and enjoyable – and a bit different. As the subject of dying can bring on very emotive reactions, Maggie Martin and Gina King, of In The End Care, wanted to engage with people in a way which was interactive for the training of core aspects of death, how to deal with loss and bereavement. Our involvement in this project came about through our NHS Account Managers’, Tessa Falzon, connection with the Gloucestershire Care Providers Association (the GCPA being another client of ours).


Maggie and Gina had the concept of the game but needed a creative to bring their ideas to life, so it could be sold as a resource to professionals which kept the traditional style of a trivia game. This consisted of different subjects to develop knowledge of the end of life process. The specific areas included advance care planning, communication, assessment and last days of life.

Maggie said: ‘’The philosophy of the board design is representation of the four seasons with a stone path working its way throughout the year. This path forms a loop to demonstrate the ‘Circle of Life’ and the tree symbolising life itself.’’


Brendan here at Colour Connection took up the challenge to bring this idea to fruition. Based on the brief supplied and a series of meetings, Brendon was tasked with the design for the board and four sets of question cards, each with a separate design to reflect the topic. The designs also integrated the rules sheet in keeping with the game. It was critical that the designs represented a celebration of life and encouraged fun.

Brendan said: ‘’Gina and Maggie have been a pleasure to work with on what has turned out to be an exceptionally successful project for them. Their deep understanding of the needs of people needing end of life care has been an inspiration. Maggie and Gina always bring sunshine and laughter to the Colour Connection studio, with their light-hearted and good-humoured approach.’’

 Where are they now?

The board game has been a success for In The End Care, selling in the UK and abroad in countries such as the USA and Canada. Dying Matters, a major UK Charity, commissioned In The End Care to develop the game further for a ‘general’ version for anybody to play. They deemed the game would help any type of user to open up the conversation around death and dying. The initial version of The Circle of Life board game was introduced in 2014. The development included new topics such as symptom management, bereavement, spirituality and more. All of this was again designed through Brendan.

Maggie concluded: ‘’We just love the friendly, flexible and professional approach from everyone at Colour Connection. It’s really helped the End of Life Care team show their ‘goods’ in such a professional and polished manner. Thank you again!’’