Great brands are never ‘plucked’ from the air. They are the result of research, refinement, development and a great creative team.

We’ve seen a few brands in our time and know what makes a great one, so we’ve put together a core branding kit worth over £5,000 that we’re giving you for FREE!

Discover All Of This…

Your Mission, Vision & Values

Communicate your best self to the world in just a few sentences. This will show you how.

Your Ideal Client

Marketing like the pro’s. Bring in business by speaking to the right people in the right places at the right times.

Your Brands Voice & Message

If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine the conversation you’ll have with your brand!

Finding Your Colour

Your colour alone can conver your message. What does your colour say about you?

Font Recommendations

No ‘comic sans’ in here! You will find out about fonts and type and how they apply to your marketing message and your brand.

Example Brand Guidelines

Build your own living document which can be used by anyone and everyone who interacts with your business – your Brand Guidelines.

Worksheets Included

This kit has been design to walk you through a step-by-step process and it includes all the space you need to get your progress on paper.

Know Thy Self FAQ’s

How will this help me?

We know from experience that whenever we create something for a client, we request the same set of assets: logo, fonts, colours and any taglines, content or message they want to convey. This will help you find all of that.

What will this help me with?

Once you complete the sections within the kit, you will have everything you need to communicate your message in any medium; blogs, videos, printed material and on your website.

How do I use this kit?

All instructions are included and set out so you can go through the whole kit piece by piece and in your own time. If you’d clomid online prefer the help of a branding workshop with our team then let us know!

Why is it free?

Our main revenue comes from design, web design and print and we know that if you know your ideal client, had a high resolution logo, know your fonts and colour codes, it would be so much easier for us to create assets for your marketing – not to mention way more cost effectove for you!

We think this is good for business.

What’s the catch?

No catch. We just want to help you and your business be the best it can be, because then you might just come back for more! 😉

“I have seen these methods used by large agencies. I have seen them used by one-person companies.

The methodology and theory is the same which means that with one single workshop you can shrink the gap between you and the big guys. Thank me later!” Danny Matthews

Graphic & Web Designer, Colour Connection

Insights & Resources

We regularly share insights about things that grow our business, so that you can grow yours!

The Colour Connection Guide To: Wall Graphics

The Colour Connection Guide To: Wall Graphics

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Why You Should Market Your School

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