As Google actively moves towards a more secure internet experience, from October 2017 they have issued news regarding SSL certified websites. This year, Google have made strides towards helping secure web users, and website owners. One of the biggest introductions over the past 12 months has been identifying ‘’secure’’ and non-secure’’ websites to users.

From October 2017, Google will offer preferential treatment, with regards to their search rankings, to websites with an SSL certificate – therefore secure HTTPS websites. Having a secure website keeps your web visitors information safe, whether you take payments or not, and authenticates your website. Google Chrome will soon present a warning ‘not secure’ to users regardless of whether personal information is required, or not.

‘’84% of online shoppers said they would abandon a purchase if they discovered the site was insecure.’’ 


Adding SSL is not as straightforward as typing ‘https…’ before your website domain. The entire buy priligy tablets navigation of the website needs updating to reflect the changes. The SSL certificate is issued to a domain, updated and is then presented to a user a ‘secure’. Installing an SSL certificate effectively means you are securing your website and domain, protecting both your business and your website visitors.

The Google SEO benefits to websites that are secure are clear, you can rank your website higher in search results for having a SSL certificate installed. Better ranking = more traffic.

Our advice is to:

• Audit your website performance

• Get SSL approved to secure your data

• Keep your loyal website visitors secure and protected

We want to support your business to become more secure. Speak to one of our experts who can help with all the above so you can secure your website, make Google happy and get on with doing what you do best, ‘secure’ in the knowledge your website is complaint.

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