Here at Colour Connection, we see ourselves as great business partners and creative bods. In everything we do and all the work we undertake, we add our unique splash of creativity to make ideas come to life. As ‘’Professional Attention Seekers’’, we needed to have an office which expressed our personality and eye for design… which is exactly what we have now!

We are proud of the team here, all working together to achieve our goals and that’s how we work with clients too. So, to get our team’s creative juices flowing we have undergone an office makeover to practice what we preach! Our aim is to demonstrate to customers and visitors that we are ideas people and show what we can do. Good design is inspirational, and we hope that to visit our office is an experience beyond being at work!

In the spirit of our ethos ‘’doing good is good for business’’, collaboration runs through Colour Connection like the M5 runs through Gloucestershire. Whether that’s working with customers, third parties, outsource partners or the press, our reputation for bringing people and businesses together is no accident. All you need to do is see our new reception area!


Colour Connection’s collaboration with Cotswold Shoes who kindly donated the wellies in support of our office revamp because ‘’doing good is good for business’’.


Having worked with Cotswold Shoes since 2011, when they heard our ideas to redecorate we jumped at the chance to have some fun and showcase their work to greet visitors with a great Gloucestershire showcase… wellies and the countryside! Most importantly, we’d like to thank Cotswold Shoes for being a great supporter of our renovation and for donating their products to the project!

Most of all, find out more on how we can work with you to achieve what you want in business, get in touch… you’ll be welcome to our headquarters to see the new designs for yourself too!