Some people have bucket lists. Some people may want to achieve things by a certain age. Some just roll with life and see what it brings. Nikki Budding walks over hot coals.

On the evening Friday 9th February our superstar walked over coal burning at 1236 degrees in aid of the National Star College. With no shoes or socks on! Nikki has always had a passion for fundraising and volunteering… with this challenge pushing her to the limits.

As part of the National Star’s 50th Year celebrations, fearless fundraisers were recruited to take on a challenge of a lifetime at the college. The target was for all participants to raise money and awareness for young people with complex disabilities. In return for walking across 20 feet of sizzling embers.

In the build-up, Nikki undertook a 2-hour training session to feel empowered and inspired to take on the coals. Cheered on by friends, family and colleagues, each of the 68 fire-walking members then stepped on to the coals one by one. Thankfully, Nikki completed the challenge with no issues and her feet are still intact. She has an official certificate to prove it.

She said: ‘’What an amazing experience. I had no idea what to expect but the whole day has been brilliant. I’ve really enjoyed it and to know the proceeds are raising money for people with complex disabilities is really humbling. I also turn 40 this year and wanted to try something out of my comfort zone… which this was!’’

In true Colour Connection style, Nikki got others involved including Ian Taylor from Boiswood and Rachel Shipton from Wavelength Recruitment – with both also raising money for the National star. Everyone who took part shared their experiences afterwards with celebratory drinks and food.

Nikki has set up a fundraising page to generate donations to an amazing cause, which is still open:

Well done Nikki for completing a fantastic challenge. What’s the next challenge you ask? We’ll have to watch this space.