We are living in an age where digital rules the roost – using technology and the internet we can get access to what we want, when we need it. Smart phones and tablets are the epitome of this online revolution.

Studies have shown that we spend on average 23 days per year on our phones, whether that’s surfing the web, playing games, social media, sending emails, setting alarm clocks… and even talking to people too! So, from a business point of view, what can we be doing to take advantage of this technology and using it to elevate our brands? In short, making sure you A) have a website is very important and B) is that website responsive for mobile/tablet users? It’s that last point that some businesses are still falling down.

On the 21st April 2015, Google released a statement regarding an algorithm update in which their search results would give a boost to mobile web pages. This was called anything from ‘’Mobile-geddon’’ to ‘’Mobile-pocalypse’’… take your pick! As a result, having a responsive mobile website can mean more organic search traffic. Since then the demand for websites going mobile has increased significantly.

Responsive web design is one of the most powerful ways to create mobile-friendly websites. This is one of the areas that we at Colour Connection specialise in. We have a dedicated web design team who are on hand to produce new websites which are responsive and help existing websites which need to be made more responsive. The advantages do not just lay with Google. Responsive web design can lead to higher conversion rates because the user experience is not hindered through having to zoom in and out to simply click a button… frustrating! In turn, a tailored user journey can be created for smooth surfing across your website and reducing those all-important bounce rates as the transition from page to page is seamless. Mobile websites can even load pages faster and don’t need any additional maintenance.

All in all, having a responsive mobile website improves SEO performance and makes the user experience on your website a lot easier. The last thing you want is someone to get so annoyed at using your website that they leave and go to a competitor! It’s a no-brainer.

Email us at Connect@colourconnection.co.uk or give us a call 01452 522 411 to get in contact with one of our design team to find out how we can build your mobile friendly website on all responsive platforms!

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