A New Year brings some new and exciting changes for Colour Connection. For none more so than Leanda Bickley who, we are delighted to announce, has been promoted to Director.
Having worked for Colour Connection for 8 years as Sales and Marketing Manager, Leanda has become an integral part of the Colour Connection tapestry. Having proven herself in raising the profile of the business locally, as many of you will know, Leanda has also excelled in developing the non-contract sales arm for the business and has always built strong and lasting relationships with clients – not to mention being a very popular member of the Colour Connection family! Leanda has always adapted well to the changes and challenges of business, and was key to the introduction of the in-house Performance Management System, continually growing sales and creating the overall fun and productive culture we see here today.
A new role brings new responsibilities which we know will be relished. The role of Director will now see Leanda responsible for managing HR, the staff and the day-to-day running of systems and processes within the business. Leanda will also be tasked with overseeing the accounts, production and sales departments for Colour Connection. This enables Managing Director, Richard Currie, to focus more heavily on business development, strategic planning, contract business and acquisitions, all geared towards growth in 2017, along with more exciting news to come this year!
We know this was the right decision for the business and would like to personally, and invite everyone, to congratulate Leanda on this promotion. Having a dedicated, reliable and professional manager who is passionate about the employees and clients is fundamental to the continual success of the business. 2017 promises to be another great year for business in Gloucestershire and we look forward to bringing you more updates in the coming weeks and months.